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Hate it

I have been living in this junkyard for 7 months. I know I can't believe it either, and it's only just getting even more miserable. Irish 'winter' doesn't really differ from any other day like irish autumn, spring or summer. They all the same grey miserable windy wet weather, just like their landscape, which other than a limited few exceptions everywhere the same. Did I mention I haven't left this country in the last 4 years????

I'm getting my months ago expired passport renewed in a week (more like 3-5 weeks including the waiting period) and probably just get my most important things and leave. 

Don't know where or how but I really need to get out of this depressive never summer never winter nightmare.

I really don't like my landlord either, wouldn't leave me alone and understand I'm a woman and not a physical worker. I moved here to organise his photographs but he never trusted me with them, I think never actually wanted it to be organised just used it as a trick to get me interested, which I was but will never be again. 

He knows nothing about the digital world and I'm 80% living my life there. 

I just had enough. 

I know, life is disappointing what else was I expecting.... 

In Hungary from this friday night to sunday afternoon they forecasting 20-30 cm snow and I'm just so into snowy landscapes it just makes me envy them that they can enjoy it and that's a real low point, because I'm 90% sure I will never go back and I won't see my 'family' there again. 

But the thing is I'm not missing the family, I'm missing the photography oppurtunities. 

The Arboretums and real wide rivers, tasteful fruits and vegetables that irish people can't even dream of. 

You know it's a positive side of Ireland that the people are nicer and say hi to you on the street, but when you're not a people person, it's more like WHO GIVES A FUCK???? 

Give my perfect tasty watermelons and grapes back. 

And it's always windy. 

Yes, it's windy right now. 

It was yesterday and will be tomorrow and the day after that and the get the idea.